Some more reviews plus SPX 2009!

A couple new Secret Science Alliance news-type items: Here's a new profile/interview with Eleanor that's pretty cute, they even made a little "baseball card" with her "statistics." Here's a new review that tickled us with flattering comparisons:
"Some of my favorite books are what I call small town adventures. They're set in an older, more innocent time when kids could sneak out at night for adventures and build marvelous inventions in their backyards. Some of the best are the Mad Scientists' Club by Bertrand Brinley, Secret Agents Four by Donald Sobol, and the White Rose Rescue by Astrid Lindgren. Although some have tried to recapture this genre, it never quite works. Until now. (Read the rest here.)

And yup, Eleanor and I will both be at this year's SPX (Sept 26 & 27, Bethesda MD), and Elo will have copies of The Secret Science Alliance! Our table will be in the back left corner of the room as you come in. Just look to the left of the giant floating supernatural Helvetica A.

Little House Update

First of all, thanks for the positive responses to the release of the Secret Science Alliance. Eleanor really put her heart and soul into this book, and she's been pretty anxious to see how it'll be received. She just had an interview in the local daily paper here in Athens, the Banner-Herald, here's a snippet:
"When you're a kid, you genuinely believe you are capable of doing anything if you could only get around to it," she adds. "You live in a very pleasurable, delusional world." So she wanted to write a book for a child "who would feel that achieving all the stuff was totally possible." (Read the rest here.)

We're still waiting to hear what people actually make of the book. A few early reviews have rolled in, including a very flattering one here from the School Library Journal blog:
"It really wasn't until my boss handed it to me to read that I decided to give it a go and see whether it was worth checking out. I'm so glad he did too since this is one of the most eye-popping, ambitious, intelligent graphic novels for kids I've seen in a long time. And I can guarantee you that it's like nothing your children have ever seen before." (Read the rest here.)

So that's very encouraging! If you're interested in ordering a copy, we always encourage people to patronize their local comics shop or bookstore. But if you're going to be ordering online, here's a handy link to the Amazon page.

In other news, Eleanor and I are going to the Decatur Book Fest just outside of Atlanta this weekend. Eleanor's scheduled to appear on three panels there (and I'll be on one as well):
Minicomics Masterpieces
Eleanor Davis (Stinky, Secret Science Alliance), Chris Schweizer (Crogan's Vengeance) Drew Weing (Set to Sea, The Adventures of Wulf and Merl), Joey Weiser (The Ride Home, Tales of Unusual Circumstance), Kevin Burkhalter (Kevin Days a Week), Jarrett Williams (Lunar Boy, SuperPro K.O.!), and Allen Spetnagel (Dr. Eisenbart)
Think drawing and assembling your own comics to amuse your family and friends doesn't count as making "real" comics? Think again friends! Come hear these mini-comics masters discussing the highs and lows of the mini-comics world, and give you some tips on your own masterpieces!
Saturday, September 5 @ Noon

Art Comics
Brian Ralph (Cave-In, Daybreak), Eleanor Davis (Secret Science Alliance)
A conversation between two of art comics' most versatile cartoonists about creating graphic novels and art for kids and adults.
Saturday, September 5 @ 1:45

Davis, Krosoczka, Vernon
Eleanor Davis (Stinky, Secret Science Alliance), Jarrett Krosoczka (LunchLady), Ursula Vernon (Digger)
Three cartoonists discuss their current works.
Saturday, September 5 @ 4:00

And one last snippet, we've sold out of all our copies of Beast Mother we have on hand. We'll get some more assembled, but not until we polish off a few deadlines - I'd guess a month from now, at least, until they're back online. Thanks to everybody who's ordered!

September 1st = SSA

Yep, the book that we spent the good part of the last couple years working on, is finally hitting store shelves! I got to watch from its earliest versions as Eleanor refined it from a fun, but straightforward, YA mystery/adventure book, to a tour de force of comics storytelling techniques. And then I got to ink it! If you like:

a.) Kids DIYing it without proper parental supervision
b.) Secret underground hideouts crammed with mysterious equipment
c.) Elaborately thought-out practical jokes
d.) Turn-of-the-century inventors (Edison, Tesla, Marconi)

then you will like this book. It's really something special. Anyway, check out the website at There are lots of preview pages, so you can see exactly why it took so long to finish.

Project update

Here's a quick update on the status of Eleanor's and my current projects!

The Secret Science Alliance (and the Case of the Copycat Crook)

The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook

This is the huge kids' graphic novel that Eleanor wrote and drew and I inked (and we spent most of last year working on!) It's completely finished and will come out from Bloomsbury Books in September! We'll be posting a lot more about this very soon.

Set to Sea - I'm posting this up on my site one panel at a time. It's set to be pubished in book form next summer - I'll definitely be posting more about this in due course.
The Flagpole Guide to Athens

 Issue of Dec 31, 1969

This is a free supplement to Athens alt-weekly paper, The Flagpole, that comes out every year (about when the UGA students roll into town). This year, Eleanor did the cover! It's Athens, GA as its own tiny world, with tons od recognizable  little landmarks for locals. It just hit the stands, so if you're in town, pick up a copy - it's free!

Giant Robot's "Junk in the Trunk" art show/yard sale - August 15th
This is an arts n' crafts Giant Robot (the Los Angeles one) is putting on. Eleanor has some handmade little blank books that you can buy, with little paper cut-out illustrations inset into the covers. They're very nice, and the show is tomorrow!


Well, the Little House Comics shop is finally back online! (only a year or so late). We've redesigned the site quite a bit; there's a lot more original art for sale, and a news page that will (hopefully) be updated frequently. A quick walkthrough:

• The "News" page will have updates on projects both by Eleanor and myself, info on book signings and conventions and the like.
• The "Minicomics & Prints" page, unsurprisingly, has our currently-in-print minicomics for sale - including "33 Beasties," a sketchbook mini of mine that hasn't been available online yet. It also has two beautiful new silkscreen art prints by Eleanor, "Ox" and "Girl, Horse, Lake." These prints are handmade, in signed, numbered editions - when quantities run out, that's it. As we make new minicomics and prints (and other goodies) they'll go up here, and I'll drop a post on the news page. 
• The "Original Art" page has vast piles of original comics pages and illustrations by the both of us. There's currently a lot of pages from Eleanor's Mome stories, art from her kid's book "Stinky," and minicomics pages by both of us. We'll be adding more art soon, you'll hear about it here as well.
• Here's a FAQ if you've got questions about ordering.
• In a frenzy of self-promotional shamelessness, I also made Livejournal and Facebook feeds for our news updates, please feel free to friend away. And there's good old RSS as well.

The site still has some wrinkles that need to be ironed out, so please let me know if you encounter any bizarre problems clicking through or trying to order something, or if you have any other questions!